Sarah C. FritzPhoto of Sarah C. Fritz
York County, Pennsylvania

Currently, Sarah is exploring the entrepreneurial side of RPA robotic process automation using low code cloud services, platforms and integrations. She is still learning about commercial and investment real estate, financial ecosystems, and pursuing the human side of companies, products, and complications. Her interests in sustainable community building naturally led her to this growing lifelong dream of creating safe, walkable, eco-friendly, and co-supportive communities through social programs, city planning, nonprofit programs, public benefit businesses and now in architectural layout and innovation investment strategies. Stay Tuned, and feel free to reach out if this speaks to you in some way.

As an ongoing freelance consultant and support staffer, she created and implemented the site design for Adrienne’s Sassy Gourmet, a rising Pittsburgh based entrepreneur and talented chef. If you want some some easy, delicious meals at home, grab a few bottles of her special sauce to wow your family and friends!

Previously, Fritz was employed at Richards Energy Group, an independent, local and family-owned energy consulting firm that has helped industrial, commercial and institutional clients manage energy costs since 1995. At Richards, she assisted with administrative duties, CRM data maintenance, marketing materials, research and strategic planning for interdepartmental automated communication and task software. Fritz enjoyed most the challenge of absorbing the duties of, creating and training the team in new standard operating procedures to replace the loss of a critical back-office partnership, after a sudden change in their management. The team did so with zero down time for the sales team and were praised by the suppliers for the seamless transition, improvements, and continuity of services. If you are looking to manage your commercial or industrial energy costs, give them a call today.

During three years in New Orleans, Fritz freelanced as a personal assistant, non-profit consultant, and mostly did website, marketing, event and technology management. She volunteered and consulted with ReFOCUS for the MyNew Orleans Photo Project, which focuses on people affected by homelessness and asks them to show the Crescent City from their unique perspectives.

Fritz also volunteered as a front desk host at a Propeller, then was swiftly hired to help manage events, volunteers and technology at their multipurpose facility. Propeller is a event venue, co-working space, and entrepreneurial incubator for socially and environmentally innovative organizations. Collaborating with the Incubator Manager, she assisted a staffing transition gap by training newcomers, creating standard operating procedures, facilities manuals, managing and recruiting volunteers, and providing event services and technical support to members and the local community. She was honored to assist the talented and passionate non-profits and entrepreneurs who were bravely tackling some of New Orleans’ most wicked challenges in the water, food, health and education sectors.

After college for four years, Fritz was the layout editor for About Place Journal, an online literary journal, published by the Black Earth Institute: dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society. She was responsible for all website and graphic design creation and maintenance, with a focus on capacity building and sustainable processes. She worked directly with administrators, editors and volunteers to help bring the team vision to life while showcasing hundreds of artists’ creative work with integrity. She brought a unique brand design, mobile responsive website design, and fulfilled the vision of each guest editor, artists and activists all.

Fritz holds a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s College of Fine Arts. She attended the Cook Honors College, and graduated as a theater major (technical concentration) with a minor in Political Science. During her college years, she danced, debated, challenged self and others, learned swordfighting, lept into voter and policy advocacy, human rights activism, community organizing, participated in and managed many, many entertainment, arts, educational and community events to bring students and faculty together, from humble classroom commitee meetings to national marches around the US Capitol, she empowered her peers through technology, logistics, planning, documenting, communications, and event production.

Sarah lived in Western Pennsylvania for 10 years; she studied, graduated and then became a university manager at her alma matter, where she proudly served as Associate Technical Director for the College of Fine Arts, the Lively Arts, and Fisher Auditorium. The IUP Performing Arts Center hosted hundreds of international artists, touring acts, Broadway musicals, speakers, orchestras,  student performances and local talent. Her everyday was a dynamic techincal adventure maze of wires, stunning scenergy, bright lights and subwoofers the size of her car.

Fritz was a volunteer member of AmeriCorps, Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps for two years; she served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Indiana Arts Council, in Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701. Later, Sarah served on the Executive Board of the Indiana Arts Council. She lead strong and successful capacity building, strategic planning, marketing and public relations campaigns that honored the talents and strengths of the local community.

Sarah C. Fritz Brainstorm, Rainstorm, and Sustainability Consulting

Sarah Fritz is an entrepreneur, an artist, a philosopher and an idealist at heart whose skills are best served in the area of community engagement, logistics, event management, technology, marketing, and organizational consulting.


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